Make-up Workshop!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make the most of your features and learn some handy tips?

Why not book a 'Make-up Lesson & Workshop' for a small to large group. Learn some Hints & Tricks Of the Trade by our professional make-up artist.


We organize a two-hour makeup workshop for between 6 and 20 people! 

At the White Sands Hotel, our makeup artist will provide you and your guests with a two-hour lesson covering “The Natural Look” and “The Smokey Look” and how easy it is to go from one straight into the next! Great if you have a night on the town planned afterwards.

This class is not just great fun, but also a great skill that your group will take home with them.

Or you can simply sit back and relax while our makeup artist does the work for you! 

 Our artist will demonstrate on one person so she will have a full face of makeup done by the end of the lesson and complimentary lashes will also be applied. Then our makeup artist will ask you to pair up and practice on each other where she will keep a close eye and help out wherever is needed.

The booking usually runs for just over 2 hours depending on numbers.

Our artist provides all the makeup however we suggest that you bring your own so the artist can talk you through your existing kit.

Towards the end of the lesson each of your guests will have 5-10mins one on one time to ask the artist about a particular issue they might be having with their makeup or colours etc.